Characteristics To Look For In A Power Of Attorney 

A Power of Attorney is a very important document to include in your estate plan. It ensures that, in case you become incapacitated, someone you trust can make decisions on your behalf. Therefore, an LPA is great to rely on in crucial times. 

That being said, it is important to choose a Power of Attorney by carefully analyzing a person and checking whether they possess all the right qualities. There are a few characteristics to look for in an LPA. Consult with a Reno Estate Planning Attorney to get help drafting the perfect estate plan. 

Characteristics to look for in a Power of Attorney 

  • They live close to you. 

The first trait you should look for in a Power of Attorney is their location and how far they live from your place. Since you may need their help anytime, it is important that they live close to you. If they live far from you, it will take time to reach your place, and by that time, it might be too late. Select an attorney who lives close to you. 

  • Trustworthy. 

When deciding on an attorney, make sure you choose someone you can trust. Since they will be making decisions on your behalf, you want to choose someone who can carry out your wishes. Additionally, ensure that they have your best interest at heart. Choose someone you can count on since their decisions will greatly impact your life. 

  • Understanding of the medical processes. 

A Power of Attorney takes healthcare decisions on your behalf. Therefore, choosing someone with a fair amount of knowledge about medical processes is only reasonable. However, this does not mean you need to select a doctor or nurse from your family. You need someone who can act smartly and ask the right questions about medical procedures. 

  • Knowledge about your specific condition. 

If you are suffering from a specific condition right now that might lead to incapacitation in the future, you want someone who knows about it. They must be well aware of your condition, the treatments you go through, the medications you take, the symptoms you suffer, etc. This will help them make better decisions. It is important you share all of your medical information with this person, including a copy of your medical records. 

  • Age. 

Age is an important factor in choosing an LPA. You want to pick someone who is likely to pass away after you and not before. Avoid picking people who practice ill life practices, such as people who drink a lot or take drugs. Do not pick anyone who might predecease you.