Everything You Need To Know About Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits

Spinal cord injuries are very severe and can change your life forever. If not treated correctly, spinal cord injuries can result in significant health complications, putting your ability to function at risk. 

Whether your spinal cord injuries result from a fall, car accident, or any other mishap, the impact of it can be catastrophic in your and your loved one’s life. Moreover, the permanent medical treatments and therapies related to your injury can cost you a fortune. 

So, it is a relief that insurance companies can take care of the financial stress while you deal with the physical and emotional pain. However, insurance companies will easily allow you compensation for your claim. 

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Roseville can help you claim compensation from the insurance company much more quickly. Since a lawyer will have you back, the insurance company will not try to manipulate you into their ploy.

What is meant by a spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury is damage or harm you experience in your spinal cord due to an accident or assault. Spinal cord injuries can adversely affect your spine and other body parts, whether the damage was done accidentally or intentionally. 

For example, it can cause partial or complete paralysis of the body, make a person brain dead, or put you into a coma. In most cases of spinal cord injury, the victims experience partial paralysis in the lower part of their body and cannot walk for a long time or forever.

Moreover, your spinal cord has nerves vital for other bodily functions like breathing, maintaining your body temperature, urinary bladder control, and sexual activities. If it faces an injury in any part, it can also lead to death. 

Common reasons for a spinal cord injury

Your spinal cord is a critical body consisting of a thin elongated cord with many nerves directly connected to the brain. Although the vertebral column protects it, it is still very delicate and requires care. 

Common accidents involving carelessness and negligence can cause a spinal cord injury resulting in life-threatening situations. According to research and statistics, some top-rated accidents in which victims have sustained a spinal cord injury most of the time. 

  • Automobile and other motor vehicle accidents
  • Sudden slips and falls due to slippery or dicey surface
  • Intentional assaults and violence like a gun firing
  • High-intensity sports like basketball and football