Did you become ill or injured while working in Georgia? If so, you might be eligible for benefits under your employer’s insurance policy for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation benefits cover medical costs and a percentage of lost pay for injured workers. These benefits are provided to all eligible workers, regardless of fault, and offer them crucial financial help while they recover.

Georgia’s workers’ compensation application process might be challenging, especially if you’ve never used it. To learn more about your greatest possibilities, consult the best Albany construction accident lawyers. 

Is it Possible for Me to Check the Status of My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Many people who get injuries at work need to take time off to recover. In Georgia, there is a seven-day waiting time before receiving payment for wage loss compensation after filing a claim. This presumes that the claim was submitted correctly, without any mistakes or rejections. It goes without saying that eligible employees desire to conclude their workers’ compensation claims as quickly as possible to avoid undue financial burden.

By getting in touch with your employer’s insurance provider, you can find out the status of a work injury claim. Your employer most likely won’t be able to give you any updates as the insurer is the one in charge of handling your claim. Direct communication with an insurance company representative is recommended.

However, you should exercise caution whenever you speak with an insurance adjuster. Keep in mind that they are constantly looking for excuses to downplay or dismiss serious claims.

What Could Cause a Workers’ Compensation Procedure Delay?

A workers’ compensation claim may be delayed or rejected for various reasons. Clerical mistakes are common and might cause processing times to be delayed. Additionally, as fraud is a regrettable issue in the workers’ compensation system, insurance firms thoroughly investigate each claim.

Other frequent grounds for denying claims include:

  • Your injury claim has not received any follow-up from your employer.
  • The doctor committed errors in their report, or their diagnosis was off.
  • The insurance provider requires more details.
  • By inadvertently, you left out crucial details from your claim.
  • The insurance provider has a shortage of employees and a backlog of workers’ compensation claims.

A workers’ compensation lawyer can contact the insurance provider on your behalf to handle any issues that might delay your payouts if you need assistance checking the status of a pending claim.