Damages You Can Get In A Birth Injury Claim  

The journey from trying to conceive a baby to becoming pregnant to witnessing the birth of your child and holding your baby in your arms can be beautiful. For mothers, there is no greater moment than this one. However, imagine you have waited nine months to see your baby, and the doctor makes a mistake and injures them during delivery. This is devastating. 

Doctors are highly respected professionals, but unfortunately, they are humans and make mistakes. When a doctor or another medical professional makes a mistake during the delivery process of the baby and injures the child, it is called medical malpractice. If your child has died or suffered from severe injuries due to a doctor’s negligence, speak to an injury attorney louisville today. 

Damages you can get in a birth injury claim. 

  • Medical bills. 

Depending on the severity of the injury or injuries, you may have a high medical bill coming your way. You can recover the money you spend on your child’s treatment with the help of an attorney. The medical compensation in Louisville may include surgery costs, doctor’s appointments, medications, travel expenses, equipment costs, etc. 

If your child has succumbed to their injuries, you could recover the money you spent on their treatment before they died. 

  • Therapy. 

Watching your newly born child suffer from injuries due to the negligence of another party can be emotionally hurtful and affect a person psychologically. No parent wants to see their child in such a condition. If you or your spouse has suffered from psychological problems, such as depression, you can recover therapy costs. 

  • Home care. 

Some childbirth injuries can impact your baby permanently or for a long time and may require additional care at home. You can recover the costs of hiring in-home help to look after your child’s medical and other needs. This is usually a nurse or other medical provider who stays in your house 24/7 to look over your child. 

  • Assistive devices. 

Assistive devices improve an individual’s functioning in case of a natural disability or accidental injury. For example, a deaf person may use hearing aids, a person with a walking disability may use wheelchairs, and someone with memory problems may use memory aids. However, these devices do not come for cheap. 

If your child’s injuries have caused a permanent or temporary disability, you can recover the cost of assistive devices. 

  • Lost earnings. 

If you or your spouse are the earners of the family, you must have missed a few days of work in taking care of your child. This may have cost you your daily wages. You can recover your lost wages by multiplying your daily wage amount by the number of days of work missed.