What Kinds of Accidents are Children Commonly Involved in Portland?

Accidents with children are common occurrences in Portland. From the most innocent to the most malignant, there are a variety of accidental injuries and diseases that can result from a child’s day-to-day activities. When a child is injured in an accident, it is often necessary to obtain medical attention as soon as possible, so you should know what kind of accident they’re involved in. 

You should also consult the legal assistance of Child Accident Attorneys if you ever find your child involved in an accident. An attorney can help you secure your child’s rights and get them the deserving compensation. 

Let us see different types of accidents in which children are commonly involved.

  • Playground accidents

Although the above name is self-explanatory, this type of accident may still be difficult to grasp. These injuries are caused by playground equipment like swings. Sometimes, they may also be caused by improper maintenance, shoddy construction, or poor supervision. For example, your child can get injured by a broken swing, peeling paint on the equipment, or falling off the jungle gym. 

  • Dog bites

It is a bad habit for children to pet a dog on their face or behind the head. This might cause the dog to perceive it as a threat, and then bite your child. Remember that dog bites can be really nasty and pose serious threats to your child’s health. In some cases, they may even become fatal.

  • Swimming pool accidents

Swimming pool accidents were the most common type of injuries that children face, accounting for 36% of all accidental injuries. The most common accidents involving kids in pools are drowning, electrical burns, and drownings. Most children are unaware of how to swim and while they are swimming, they can be easily pulled under the water by another body or an item in the pool. 

  • Bicycle accidents

Injuries from bicycle accidents are one of the most common incident among children, especially if your child is wearing a helmet. They are also more prone to bicycle accidents on narrow and congested roads. Therefore, be sure to get your child a helmet that is designed for your children’s size and weight. 

  • School bus accidents

Children are most likely to be injured in school bus accidents. Bus doors can be opened suddenly and the bus may roll out of control, causing injuries to several children at the same time. The bus drivers are often negligent, so you should never entrust your child’s safety to them.