Got Into a Car Accident? Here is How You Can File a Claim!

A car crash, theft, fire, or any other incident occurring with your car is considered a car accident, and you can file a claim for the losses you faced. Depending on the severity of your car accident, the insurance company will estimate the compensation you deserve. However, never accept the initial offer as it will always be less than what you deserve.

Getting a lawyer will help you assess the process of filing a claim after a car accident. More importantly, having a lawyer by your side will ensure that the insurance company does not try to manipulate you and that you get the compensation you deserve.

Nevertheless, here are some ways to file a claim after a car accident.

  • Notify your insurance company

The average timeline to inform your insurance company about your accident is within seven days after the accident. So the first essential step you should take after the accident is to call your insurance company and notify them about all the details of the incident. 

When giving all the details to the insurance company, you must submit documents like your driving license, FIR report, vehicle registration papers, and the first two pages of your insurance policy. 

  • File an official police report of your accident

After the car accident, do not forget to inform the police. To make the most out of the police report, it is best if you call the police immediately after the car accident so that they can include every detail of the accident scene. 

This report is an official and unbiased description of your car accident. It will contain all the damages and injuries you faced after the incident, which can be a vital piece of evidence while claiming insurance. Moreover, your insurance company will demand the FIR report of your car accident while you file a claim. 

  • Collect photos and videos of the accident scene

The photos and videos you collect of the accident scene will act as pieces of evidence for your testimony. In addition, it will help you prove all the injuries and damages in the car accident. 

If you are in the condition to record the accident scene, capturing all the necessary details that you think can help you approve your claim is advised. 

You can also ask the people who witnessed the car accident to record their statements. Remember to take their contact information so you can later reach out to them for official testimony.