Public Defender Or Hire A Private Defense Lawyer?

However, many people are still unsure what the right to be advised by a lawyer entails. Will you always be guaranteed a public defender? Or is it better to pay for your private defense attorney? These are important questions, and there are several considerations to remember if you’ve been accused of a crime and are trying to decide whether to ask for a public defender on brandon white law website or hire a private defense attorney.

What Is A Public Defender?

A public defender is not a lawyer; although he provides similar services, he is not accountable to the OAB but to the internal regulations of the Public Defender’s Office through which he carries out his activities. He had to provide and pass a specific public tender for that position. Even so, there is no reason to think they are people who “couldn’t” in private practice or are any less qualified than a private criminal defense attorney.

Even if the Public Defender does not operate in your city, a dative lawyer who would have the status of a public defender will be appointed. In both cases, fees for the work of the public defender or attorney fees are paid by the taxpayers and not by the defendant.

When Does A Defendant Have A Public Defender?

If the defendant does not present a private lawyer, the Public Defender’s Office will automatically be appointed, or a dative lawyer will be appointed.

The Ins and Outs of a Public Defender and Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re trying to decide between hiring a public defender and your criminal defense attorney, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each.


Asking for a public defender does not incur costs for the accused. Your defense is paid for by the government, which means you pay no legal fees. On the other hand, hiring your criminal defense attorney means you have to pay the fees.

Choosing Your Lawyer

One of the main disadvantages of using a public defender is that you don’t get to select your attorney. When the judge appoints your public defender, he does not allow you to have any opinion about the lawyer chosen for you. Facing criminal charges is a stressful experience. When your life and freedom are on the line, you want a good relationship with your defense attorney. Most importantly, you want to ensure your defense attorney believes in you and your defense.

Work Load

Another serious disadvantage of using a public defender is the tremendous workload that most Public Defenders carry. All people who cannot afford a lawyer or, in the case of a criminal case, who do not present one, are assigned to the Public Defender’s Office. Imagine countless lawsuits for collecting alimony, divorce, property possession, inheritance, medication application, and many criminal cases. The various processes of different natures make the Public Defender a general practitioner. By analogy, the person with heart problems will go not to a general practitioner but a cardiologist. Although the general practitioner knows the subject, this knowledge often may not be as deep as that of a specialist. On the other hand, private defense attorneys work based on their reputation. If they aren’t good at what they do, they won’t stay in business long.

For this reason, they typically only accept as many cases as possible and are selective about the types of cases they accept. Having a smaller, more reasonable workload means they have more time to dedicate to each client they represent. And only to one area, namely criminal proceedings.

Thus, choosing one or the other is at the defendant’s discretion because he will never be defenseless. But as it is a process that can change the course of one or more lives, it is very important to consider the consequences of that choice. All these helps you to know about az gun laws