How Does Gender Affect A Personal Injury Claim Settlement Amount?

When you get injured in an accident, you would want the liable party to compensate you for the damages caused. However, if you are a woman, you may face certain gender inequalities from the insurance company when they offer you a settlement amount. Generally, the amount offered to male victims is much greater than female victims, which is completely unfair. 

The settlement should not be affected regardless of the person’s gender. Factors like the severity of injuries, percentage of fault, and amount of lost wages impact the claim, but gender stereotypes can sometimes put women at a disadvantage. If you have been facing the same problem, speak to an attorney to discuss personal injury FAQ

How does gender stereotype play a role in personal injury claim settlement?

While the world has significantly progressed and women have been given more rights, there are certain areas that are affected by gender stereotypes. Arguments regarding gender inequalities are more common in the employment area of law, but it also lies in personal injury. When compensation is measured, there is a distinction between men’s and women’s claims. 

For example, the victim may incur several damages from the accident, among which lost future earnings is one. Lost future earnings are awarded when the victim has suffered a serious injury that will affect their ability to earn for an extended period or maybe a lifetime. Therefore, future lost earnings aim to compensate the victim for the earnings they will potentially lose in the future. 

Now, calculating these damages is particularly complex because some people have different perspectives about men and women, especially because of outdated assumptions. Many insurance companies assume that a woman victim should not get the same amount of damages as a man because she will bear children and take the responsibility of raising children instead of continuing to work.

Therefore, the insurance adjuster may refuse to award a loss of future earnings. However, these assumptions are outdated and do not work in the modern world because many women return to work after having children. While women are anticipated to spend more time off work than men, it does not affect their likelihood of returning to work. 

Are you facing gender inequality while settling a claim?

If you are a woman trying to settle a personal injury claim but are facing gender inequality, remember that you do not have to accept an offer unless you are happy with it. Hire an attorney today to protect your rights.