What are the chances of a passenger getting a fair settlement in a car accident?

In an automobile accident, passengers may be compensated for their losses. Injuries, medical expenses, missed wages, and other costs and losses are included here. The merits of a particular claim depend on the facts of that person’s case, which will stand out even when compared to the claims of other people injured in the same accident.

You can seek the greatest vehicle accident settlement by working with a lawyer. Continue reading to learn more about filing a claim, determining a fair settlement amount, and how a Car accident attorney in Atlanta may assist.

What Is the Value of My Atlanta Car Accident Case?

You must figure out the costs and losses you suffered as a result of the collision in order to know how much money you can claim as an injured passenger. You must identify your recoverable damages and determine a fair value for them in order to determine the value of your case.

How to Value Your Car Accident Settlement

Understanding and determining the recoverable damages is necessary to decide on the possible settlement value of a car accident lawsuit. This implies:

  • Adding up your recent spending
  • calculating the value of your non-economic losses, such as suffering
  • Predicting the cost of upcoming medical treatments

Some of these damages can be calculated using techniques that are not too complicated. This is particularly true if you retain a file of the receipts and bills you need to support your claim. Finding and including your current economic damages is easier when you have reliable records. However, things get complicated when you have ongoing medical costs or care requirements because of your injuries. Passengers who sustain injuries may also seek non-monetary compensation. It may be challenging to determine the cost of these losses.

Recognising Repairable Damages

The more recoverable losses you can identify, catalogue, and value, the more likely you are to receive a just settlement or award in your case.

In a case involving a personal injury, the following are some of the typical damages:

  • The price of medical care and any associated expenses, such as ambulance fees
  • Future costs for medical care and treatment
  • Lost wages due to time away from the workplace
  • Those who are unable to get employment again will have lower earning potential.
  • Receipts for other associated expenses
  • Discomfort in the body
  • Guilty thoughts
  • Various other non-economic damages