Two Crucial Steps To Apply For Immigrant US Visa

As an immigrant, you might face several challenges. While living in a foreign land and creating life is exciting, sometimes it might feel daunting to deal with all the laws you are bound by. While some regulations might be for the betterment of the citizens, specific laws protect immigrants’ rights. But being an immigrant, you might not be aware of all the details and regulations that are made to protect you in a foreign land. In such a situation, an immigration lawyer in Queens can help you understand your rights as an immigrant. 

A lawyer will guide you throughout your application process for an immigrant visa and ensure you get the proper immigrant status per your requirement. 

Steps to apply for an immigrant US visa 

  • File a petition 

One of the initial steps while applying for an immigrant visa is to submit a petition. Generally, both US citizens and green card holders in America can file for these petitions. However, some of these editions can be submitted by people already living in America. 

Nevertheless, there are ways even immigrants living outside of America can file for a petition and apply for a US visa. Depending on your immigrant status, you might have different regulations or laws for submitting your petitions. So make sure you are consulting your immigration lawyer before taking a step.s 

It would be best if you always had a clear plan for applying for an immigrant visa. Whether extending your existing visa or using a compliant new one, opening a lawyer can greatly help you and ensure your visa application gets approved. In addition, if you face any issues aligning the process, your lawyer will also guide and help you understand your rights as an immigrant. 

  • NVC processing 

NVC or National Visa Center processing is the second step of your visa application. Once you submit your petition to the USCIS, they will feed your application to the NVC, where the authorities will further review it. 

One of the initial things that NVC does is register your case in their system. After that, you might receive a physical mail or an email signing the process is complete and your case is under the vigilance of the NVC. 

In that email or mail, you will also be provided with a link to their government portal for immigrants, where they can check their visa status from time to time. In addition, this portal also displays any important messages that NVC wants to convey to you or any other information related to managing your case.