When to hire a healthcare attorney in Los Angeles?

Despite being one of the most critical and in-demand sectors, the healthcare industry is fiercely competitive. No matter whether you own a medical practice, intend to join one or are in talks of acquiring a practice, you need to be sure that all legal aspects are taken care of. That’s when a Los Angeles physician attorney can help. Here are some reasons why you may need to lawyer up as a physician.

  1. Starting a new medical practice. The very first step in the process is to choose a reliable practice model and ensure that your practice is compliant with state and federal regulations. From providing a checklist for setting up a professional medical corporation to advising on the key factors and understanding recruitment agreements, an attorney can do it all. They can also help come up with an appropriate business plan.
  2. Regulatory compliance. The healthcare sector is highly regulated, and the state and federal regulations change every now and then. Your healthcare attorney is responsible for ensuring that you are compliant with HIPAA regulations and will also advise on matters concerning proper telemedicine arrangements. They will also help negotiate agreements with other parties keeping a tab on compliance.
  3. Staffing. You cannot run a medical practice on your own. You would need both medical and non-medical staff, and your healthcare attorney will help draft, negotiate, and review agreements and will also advise on employment law compliance.
  4. Buying and selling medical practices. While acquiring a new medical practice is an exciting opportunity, there are aspects to mergers, acquisitions, and purchases that you cannot deal with alone. From mentioning the details to be included in the letter of intent to the actual transaction, your lawyer can guide you on all aspects.

Choosing the right healthcare attorney

Because the sector is regulated and unique in many ways, not all attorneys deal with matters concerning healthcare businesses. Find a lawyer who is actually a practicing healthcare attorney and has taken up similar cases in the past. Remember that the relationship you share with a lawyer is highly different than what you would share with a regular lawyer for simple things like signing a lease agreement. You need a lawyer who is available and can offer solutions and advice on demand to ensure that your medical practice doesn’t end up in legal troubles.

Before you start or join a clinic or practice, meet a healthcare attorney, and discuss your concerns.